the usual kind

The ride back from Long Island last night was unbelievable. The fog was incredible - I literally could not see three cars ahead of me at times. Not that there were any cars on the road anyway, but still - the visibility levels hit some pretty scary depths on the 495. And the temperature dropped pretty low as well; not sure if that was a side effect of the speed I was driving at, or both windows being down, or what, but it was pretty crazy.

The weekend in general was just a crazy wild ride. Got to see Kyle again, which is always a good time. I'm proud that he's my friend. His pimposity has reached awesome new highs, and I have to salute him; we had a blast. Watched the Punisher on DVD as well, which was awesome.

Not everything went perfectly, of course, but hey. Life goes on.

and I've heard great things, Kevin

Got another new keyboard. The Logitech one that I was happy with before ended up not being nearly as rockalicious as I had initially thought. Programmable keys, yada yada, USB blah blah, shitty. No, caillon was cool enough to buy me a Model M keyboard. CLICKETY FOR LIFE!

And since I have had this one in my hands, I have realized just how much faster and more accurately I type on these keyboards. I missed that feeling. If only someone would make a USB-native Model M... (Oh, and I ordered another one from eBay which was apparently delivered to my apartment's office building this morning but I wasn't here.)

Seriously. These keyboards totally rule.

Incidentally, the one that caillon purchased was in fact not an original Model M but remade by the Keepers of the One True Keyboard, those saints at PC Keyboard. These guys rule. I have no relation to them save that of the delighted recipient of one of their fine products.

wonder if it's legal to sell this stuff to kids

Work continues to rock. I was at the office until about half past ten tonight and I didn't even realize it. Crazy, but in a good way.

Talked to Kyle. He's flying up to Long Island tomorrow. We're working out the whole schedule for me to go visit him while he's there - I think I'm driving down on Saturday but we'll see what happens. Haven't seen that crazy bastard in months, so there's no way I can miss this - he doesn't come up here that often. Have my fingers crossed - hoping that I can score the condo out in Moriches bay for Saturday night and Sunday morning, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch...

Cassie continues to surprise me with new levels of ass-kickery. I'm still absolutely shocked that someone as cool as her is remotely interested in me. Not complaining, mind you, but this kind of thing simply doesn't happen to yours truly.

Still haven't gotten tired of macaroni and cheese. Which is a really good thing, I think, since I suspect I'm going to be eating it pretty frequently for the next few days. Until I get paid on Wednesday that is. (Which dovetails nicely with Cassie swinging by. Should remember to clean the apartment before she gets here. It'd be terribly embarassing if she got lost in the mess.)

Steph continues to amuse me. I have high hopes that she'll figure out what it is that she wants someday, but I don't know when that day will be. The sooner the better. Should be interesting to see how she and Cassie get along... they still haven't met yet.

For some reason, the scent of saltwater was really strong in the air when I was driving home from visiting Cassie at the dorm. This was unexpected, but extremely pleasant. I miss the ocean.

the black death is coming

I have decided that from now on I'm going to use random Sealab quotes (or maybe one-liners from as my blog titles.

Cassie totally kicks ass. (Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now may ask yourselves - Cassie? Who is this Cassie? And what happened to Libby?)

No, my blog has not in fact turned into a soap opera. As cool as that would be, I think that the technologies involved are nowhere near the level that they would need to be for real soap opera goodness. However, my own personal life has been pretty complicated lately, so I'll lay it out...

Libby was awesome and I hit on her at Hot Topic, where she works - however, despite my initial interpretation of good signals, Libby apparently doesn't want a boyfriend, and she doesn't actually seem to want to hang out with me even as friends, so she's been written off.

Cassie on the other hand, completely rules. She hit on me on the Internet, which is a first, and she also lives relatively close. She just moved into the dorm at a college that is about half an hour away, and I went over there today. We watched Underworld, which was awesome in the same terrible way that Starship Troopers was. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen, coupled with impressive special effects and the most predictable plotlines you could ever imagine, and I'm hooked.

Let's see, what else? Cassie is short. Really really short. Like five foot one short. And she's really cute. Her hair is brunette (which is ok, as redheads are all batshit insane anyway) and it's terrifyingly long. She's eighteen, which is ok, since I'm still only twenty, but she acts a bit more mature than most of the other eighteen year olds that I know, so we'll see how that works out. She also is a huge video game fanatic, which is ridiculously sweet. And her favorite Final Fantasy was VII, which is a pretty damned good choice for a favorite.

She also knows every single Sealab quote that I've thrown at her. Which for some reason is a huge turn-on to me. She laughs at my jokes, too, and she even completes some of the quotes when I start them.

So, life is interesting, at least. Just when I've actually really decided to give up on women, fate throws another one at me. I should really do this whole "giving up on women" thing more often, if this is the result...

disabled account

Sashmit, your site appears to have moved to a new host, and cron has sent me a few dozen emails about a 404 on your blog. Drop me an email when it's back up so I can uncomment your feed again :)

new keyboard

caillon is buying me a new keyboard soon.

Poor bastard. :)

In related news, Steph is back in town for the weekend. It really sucks that I miss her so much when she's gone. Son of a bitch, I really wasn't expecting that. Gah.

Watched Requiem for a Dream and Frailty tonight. Both of those movies rock. Steph had never seen either one of them; she ended up liking Frailty more, which is interesting. Requiem still fucks with me. The music in that movie is excellent, as is the cinematography.

I definitely feel bad for caillon though. The forty-five minute drive home has got to be killing him.

hardware for doom3

new CPU and 1.5GB of RAM arrived yesterday to bolster my hardware so that I can actually play Doom 3.

That game is the first game since Silent Hill to make me actually afraid to go around the next corner.

It's awesome.

Playing it in the dark, on my TV, with the sound turned waaaay up, is absolutely terrifying, and by far one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

If only they'd release Linux binaries. Carmack, are you listening? I hate Windows and I'm sick of putting up with weird random shit just so I can play your masterpiece of a game.


hooray errata

ugh. Errata suck.

that is all.

so long and thanks for all the fish

Wow, lots of news since last time I blogged. First off, sorry about the server being down; apparently we had a hardware failure on the machine that my blog and planet KDE are both hosted on, and I was ill-prepared for it; my mail was down for a few hours, as well, which was no good.

Steph got hired as a nanny in New York. She's moving her stuff out this weekend. I'm excited for her - I think she's going to do an awesome job as a nanny, and she's great with kids; but I'm also really going to miss her. Steph is awesome, and the apartment isn't going to be the same without her.

In other news, we went down to Long Island last weekend. I had a blast; it felt so great to be home again, and I got to see a couple of my friends. We went to the beach at Smith Point and I got my ass kicked by the waves. I still have a couple of sand burns on my back to prove it.

caillon, J5, maureen, and halfline came over last night. There was hookah and Gamecube, and much rejoicing. Found a smoke shop in Salem, NH that sells shisha, and I picked up two packs of grape. If it's good, I'll be going back frequently; if it's not, I guess it's back to ordering from the internet. I don't know why, but there's just something satisfying about the whole instant gratification thing.

good discussion

Sat down with Ed and Zack yesterday and basically did a mind-meld; we had an hour-plus-long braindump session where I let loose all of the ideas, concerns, and issues that I've been thinking about as far as desktop QA goes here at Red Hat.

John Flanagan dropped in towards the end of it, and he seems to be quite open to a lot of our ideas, which is awesome. Hopefully we can get the budget/machines allocated to implement the desktop testing lab that we want to set up; that would be perfect.

Number of times I've forgotten my cardkey at the new office: Two

Number of days since someone has passed out in the bathroom: Nine