hackergotchi head

So I've taken the time out of my day to gimp up a picture of myself to use as a hackergotchi head. It's not a particularly great pic, but I figured it had the most potential for hackergotchi status.

I like the way it turned out. Any other guys here on Planet KDE, if you take the time out to do this, send me the PNG file and I'll upload it and get it set for you so that you too can have a floating disembodied head.

If you do decide to gimp yourself up then please note that the image should be about 64 pixels wide to fit properly. Anything from 60 to 80 pixels tall will work for the height, but let's try not to make the images _too_ large.

(And yes, I'll host the images here so that your web server won't melt.)

Sandro, read this

Sandro Giessl: Your feed seems to be down. Can you fix it?


surprise revelation

{lady friend}: no you're my examplar of what the guys i date have to live up to :-p


I'm humbled. I had no idea that I was anywhere near that cool.

Of course, this means I'm just going to be that much more insufferable in the Real World, because I rock so much. But yeah, I was really surprised that someone out there thinks that of me.

drunken monkeys

Heh. I almost forgot that we went to go meet with a couple of Ximian guys in Cambridge last night. Ray, John Palmieri, Dan Reed and myself all met up right outside the T and we were completely pimped out in our stylish red fedoras (those hats rock). We had dinner at this cool place called CBC - can't remember what it stood for - and then we met the monkeys over at a pool hall.

Dave Camp is a funny motherfucker.

And Luis Villa is also pretty funny, but in a more quiet sort of way. Dave is funny in an "I'm the asshole that everyone loves to hate" way, which is fine with me. Upon seeing us in our (ridiculously sexy) red hats, he told us to get the hell out of his bar. We laughed, and then someone mentioned that I'm the guy he should kick out since I work on KDE. (I think that it might've been me who mentioned it, but anyway.) So then he looks at me and proceeds to tell me "Ok, they're cool, but YOU definitely need to leave." And then we had a fun time bullshitting about various things, including the whole Novell/Ximian/SUSE craziness.

Dave's version of a meeting with one of our KDE guys over at SUSE in Germany:

"So, what're you gonna do if they pick GNOME?"
"I'm going to quit." ::pause:: "What're you going to do if they pick KDE?"
"I'm gonna quit."
"Well, cheers!" ::drinking::


wonder where all the socks came from

I'm personally fine with broadcasting my personal life over the internet to whoever's interested. It's sort of an exhibitionist thrill, but I understand that it's definitely not for everyone.

Having said that, I've got the good sense not to blog about anything too personal on here, as I know that anybody could read it.

As far as "the goal of planetkde" - the goal that I've set for it is exactly what it says in the disclaimer. It's the aggregation of public weblogs written by KDE contributors; that means that if they only want me to feed from their KDE topic, then I will; but if they don't mind having the rest of their info on the site too, then I'm fine with that as well. So long as the blog content isn't direct obvious flamebait, I'll have no reason to mess around with things. Also, although I think it sounds cool to rule with an iron fist, I'm far too lazy to do that.

Now, since this is actually a personal entry (and not a tech/KDE one) I have to say that I'm super excited because my friend Steph is moving up here and she's leaving in less than three weeks! Seriously. My life just keeps on kicking more ass. On top of that, Daniel's coming up in three weeks and three days, and we're leaving for OLS on the seventeenth, I think. Everything rocks. And Red Hat is the coolest place to work, ever.

ok, this sucks less

Ah... I love it when things work out.

So, mere minutes after my last post, lyp pinged me on IRC and we sorted things out. He's uncomfortable with his personal posts being on Planet KDE anyway, which I totally understand, so he's set up a new RSS feed for KDE-related posts. And has thus been re-added to the blogroll, as has mornfall.

Good times.

this sucks

I've been friends with lypanov (aka Alexander Kellet) for a while now; at least, I've considered us friends for a while. He's a great guy, he's really cool, and we've always gotten along pretty well.

Yesterday, he posted an entry to his blog stating that he was giving up on KDE, and immediately thereafter, he logged off of IRC (before I had a chance to ask him what was going on). Within the hour, I had received half a dozen emails asking me why our own developers were giving up on our project and if KDE had a future.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a fascist dictator by any means, but at the time the only options I saw were to leave things the way they were and field the questions, ask him to change his entry (which I vehemently disagree with), or to remove his blog temporarily until I had a chance to chat with him and find out what was going on.

Unfortunately, as a result I've been asked remove Peter Rockai's blog. Peter's also a really cool guy who I've gotten along with pretty well so far, and he brought up a really good point - which is that I should have done this (replying in public about the issue) from the start. I wish that I had. Now apparently Alex doesn't want to be back anyway (which I can understand) and Peter is gone as well.

Ugh. What does everyone else think? Feel free to email me your thoughts, or if you've got a blog syndicated here, feel free to post a reply on it.

going live

Well, it looks like KDE.org and even Planet Debian have picked up on the existence of my little project, so I guess it's time to officially say "Yes, we're live!"

Disclaimers are up, layout is (mostly) finished, other planets have been linked, seats are in their upright positions... And we are live, ladies and gents!

Now if only someone would fix up KBlog (or Tack! Tack needs love too!) Oh, and we need hackergotchi icons. Any artists want to volunteer?

blog feeds

In response to Roberto's query: If you have a blog with a working RSS feed (e.g., one that includes the \<pubDate> tags) send an email to clee@kde.org with your name, what you hack on, and the URL of your RSS feed, and I'll add you to the blogroll here.

Hopefully Ian will fix up kdedevelopers.org soon so that I can start pulling those blog entries too.

I kick ass

Tonight is rocking hardcore.

I spent about twenty minutes autotooling the 'nv' driver from the old monolithic X server tree, and convinced it to build under Daniel's Xizzle/Xorg tree.

After a bit more hacking around with the build system (to get it to properly generate the Makefiles in the nv dir, and to get the new NV driver module loaded into the libdrivers.a), it actually worked!

It loads the driver, and it sets the proper resolution, and everything!

Now the only thing missing is composite support. Which is a little out of my league, but I have faith that the guys at Sun working on it (yeah, I'm looking at you, Stu and Deron) will pull it off.

Damn, this has been a good night.