Fri, 19 May 2006
.: it gets all jiggly ::

I learned something interesting a few weeks ago and it just popped back into my mind so I decided to record it for my adoring fans.

Second-hand smoke really fucks with me. Savanah introduced me to a friend and we spent a few hours at said friend's apartment; they both did some pretty impressive chimney impersonations and I ended up feeling sick for days. My throat felt like it was on fire, and I kept coughing up chunks of ... I don't even know what. Maybe lung. My nose wouldn't stop running and I was constantly sneezing.

I'm not sure exactly how much later - maybe a week or so - I was at Cliff's place and we were hanging out. I lamented the effects that the second-hand smoke had on my throat, and Cliff empathized with me; apparently I'm not the only one that second-hand smoke fucks with.

However, Cliff's throat was not ravaged and he was in fact feeling fine, so he jokingly suggested that we smoke some hookah. (For those of you playing along at home, no, I'm not using code-words for drugs. We smoke hookahs, not bongs, and we smoke tobacco out of them.) I figured, at this point, what the hell could it hurt? Cliff prepared the hookah and I continued coughing up internal organs.

Soon, the hookah was ready to go - those things take like ten minutes or so to get ready if you're fast, and longer if you're not - and we started smoking. Almost immediately, I noticed something very strange - my nose stopped running.

I was intrigued.

Several minutes later, I noticed that I had also not been coughing. My nose was still not running, and I was even able to breathe out of both nostrils. You might think that's a funny thing to notice, but trust me, you don't miss it until you can't do it anymore.

Hours later, I was still feeling worlds better. I'm not sure what the logical explanation here is, but first-hand smoke fixed every symptom introduced by my overexposure to the second-hand variety. This perplexes me, but I do not question feeling well; I just enjoy it.

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