Fri, 21 Oct 2005
.: qotd ::

[kfoltman] is there any way to "record" a group of drawing operations into a sort of metafile, then render that metafile on a printer "drawing surface"?
[TD] kfoltman: yeah. it's called a PDF file ;)

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Sun, 16 Oct 2005
.: planet update ::

For those of you who are syndicated on Planet KDE and also care about your bandwidth: Please pay attention to this message.

By default, Planet KDE will now show any images that you include in your blog. If you do not wish for images from your blog to show up on the Planet (which I can understand, since we do use up quite a bit of bandwidth), now you just have to do:

<img class="hidefromplanet" src="foo.png" />

The old class="showonplanet" is still around, but it's irrelevant now and may be removed in the future.

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Mon, 10 Oct 2005
.: qotd ::

[@ajax] i have found the greatest flash game ever
[@ajax] http://www.ebaumsworld.com/kittycannon.html
[@daniels] 595ft
[@daniels] hm, 928ft
[@ajax] 1144ft is my record so far
[@daniels] now 1022
[@ajax] i'm pretty sure that if launching kittens out of cannons is wrong i don't want to be right

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Fri, 07 Oct 2005
.: dogtail unleashed ::

Today is a pretty cool day for me because a project I've been working on at work is finally released.


dogtail is a framework written in Python which makes it easy to write scripts to automate graphical applications. It uses AT-SPI which means that (for now) it doesn't work with KDE, but I fought the good fight to make sure that it has no GNOME dependencies so that hopefully there will be a chance of KDE adopting it in the future. Now that we've finally gotten the release out the door, I plan to track KDE svn and write scripts for KDE4 apps. Ideally, we'll have KDE4 support before KDE4 is actually released.

(I know that there's a tool from KDAB which allows one to automate KDE apps, but it's not Open Source and it only works with KDE; dogtail supports anything that we can see through AT-SPI, which includes OpenOffice.org and Mozilla-based applications as well as, hopefully, KDE4.)

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