Tue, 30 Nov 2004
.: oh! and chainsaw hands! ::

Well, ok, no chainsaw hands, but I got my replacement laptop from work today. It's an X31 - smaller and sexier than my old T41, which was stolen from my car while I slept.

Don't think I'll be leaving this one in the car. Ever.

But yeah, I'm excited. FC3 actually isn't as bad as previous releases, so I'm keeping it on there... I'm probably going to see about taking over those KDE specfiles so I can have less-shitty KDE packages on Fedora, but we'll see. Don't want to go around making promises and disappointing people.

I should really do a TODO one of these days and list out the stuff I need to take care of. Like that pyblosxom plugin. Damn.

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Sat, 27 Nov 2004
.: you're not gonna do it, are you? ::

I finally relented. People have been asking me for weeks to add/change the current class name for images which will show up in blog entries on Planet KDE, and I've finally made it possible for those of you who do want to have images show here without using the word "rape" in your image classes.

(Man, people get upset over the strangest things.)

So, if you want to embed an image and have it also show on the Planet you can still add 'class="rapemewithachainsawthanks"' but you can also add the less-risque and more boring 'class="showonplanet"' tag as well. Your choice.

For the general readership out there, this makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, incidentally. Images will continue to show or not show depending on whether or not the blog authors decide to put the images here.

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Sun, 21 Nov 2004
.: another day, another server ::

The machine which was previously hosting c133.org (my domain) was compromised recently. So I set about finding new hosting, and I did thanks to Warren Togami (a coworker of mine at Red Hat) so you are now seeing c133.org on a brand-new box.

One interesting side effect of this is that my weblog is now statically generated instead of dynamically so. I haven't really changed the layout or anything, or even the design, but the filesystem paths have been played with a bit and the configuration has been gently tweaked. So now my blog should be even faster.

Oh, and planet KDE has a new home as well. Thanks to Stephen Depooter, it's now on a separate machine from c133.org and very unscientific cursory testing shows to me that it's even more well-connected than it was before. So, despite the fact that the breakin shut down the sites, I think that they're both better off now. And my mail seems to have mostly caught up with itself. Which is good.

now that I've been forced to get off my ass and actually look over the files on the site, I've done a little tiny bit of maintenance and cleaned up a few things that were previously still around. I may even get around to doing the aforementioned redesign at some point! But I don't want to make any promises, so I won't.

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Sun, 14 Nov 2004
.: 4AM once again ::

So, I have a confession to make.

I've been using Gossip as my Jabber client for a while. Which has been working out fairly well, since the UI is nice and clean. But there's been this slight annoyance with it - every time that I close a chatwindow in Gossip, it forgets how big the window was. Just completely forgets it.

This behavior finally got annoying enough that I put some gloves on, dug down deep, closed my eyes, and massaged some GNOME code.

The good news is, I lived. I have survived to tell the tale.

The bad news is, it was scary. And I feel sort of dirty.

It took a few hours to work out exactly what needed to go where, but overall it wasn't quite as terrifying as I had thought it would be. My underscore key did get quite a workout though. And I got to determine a few more reasons why I'm definitely glad to be a KDE developer. (Namespaces. Classes. God, I never thought I'd be so happy to look at classes again.)

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Thu, 04 Nov 2004
.: hackfest ::

So geiseri hosted a hackfest at his place in PA last weekend. I showed up and brought manyoso with me; Nadeem Hasan came down, as did Mirko Boehm. Zack Rusin was already there, and it was fairly awesome. My only regret is that, despite the awesome time I had, I didn't get any hacking done since I don't have a laptop anymore.

Oh, yeah.

Somebody broke into my car a couple of weeks ago. Shattered the quarter glass behind the passenger window, and stole my IBM Thinkpad T41 out of the back seat. (Well, the footspace behind the passenger seat. Close enough.) I have no idea where the laptop is, and, while the police have been informed, they haven't really proven to be that useful.

End result: I have no laptop. So I was fairly useless at the hackfest as far as actual hacking goes. And my workstation at home is set up in a rather decidedly non-ergonomic fashion, which means that I can't really use the computer for extended periods of time without standing up and stretching out my knees.

I do have plans for stuff to hack on and plenty of things to keep me busy though. So don't worry about that, guys. Just need my replacement laptop to come in from work, and maybe I can pick up a computer desk with my next paycheck somehow.

Realized that I haven't blogged in a while, so these entries are a bit longer than the usual length. I doubt anybody will really care that much, but yeah. Maybe I can kick myself into blogging more frequently once I get some Tack hacking done again.

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.: we have bigger problems than a butter shortage ::

and I never thought I'd say that.

Things with Cassie are as complicated as ever. Still trying to figure out the whole situation; she has officially given me the "Just Friends" label, but I keep getting this vibe that she wouldn't mind being more at some point. Maybe it's just hope.

Lon tried talking me into buying a motorcycle at one point in the past couple weeks. Blizzard also recommended it, as he's the proud owner of a new bike. I suggested the idea to Steph, who promptly called me an idiot and threatened to not be my friend anymore. I'm still surprised by the things that anger her. She doesn't seem to have a valid reason for it, and when I probed for more details she pretended like she had already brought up the "But you'll kill yourself!" argument (which she hadn't).

Cliff's new language is shaping up to be interesting. I never really dug the Smalltalk syntax (from what I saw of it) but I do like ObjC and Ruby is my preferred scripting language these days.

Tia came to visit, and she kicks ass. It was awesome while she was here; it sucks now that she's gone, because I have nobody to cuddle with. Steph has a boyfriend, and even when she doesn't, she doesn't like cuddling with me so that's out. Oh well - it was awesome while it lasted. Hopefully Tia'll be back up soon. And more of my friends will come out to visit me.

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