Fri, 27 Aug 2004
.: new keyboard ::

caillon is buying me a new keyboard soon.

Poor bastard. :)

In related news, Steph is back in town for the weekend. It really sucks that I miss her so much when she's gone. Son of a bitch, I really wasn't expecting that. Gah.

Watched Requiem for a Dream and Frailty tonight. Both of those movies rock. Steph had never seen either one of them; she ended up liking Frailty more, which is interesting. Requiem still fucks with me. The music in that movie is excellent, as is the cinematography.

I definitely feel bad for caillon though. The forty-five minute drive home has got to be killing him.

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Wed, 18 Aug 2004
.: hardware for doom3 ::

new CPU and 1.5GB of RAM arrived yesterday to bolster my hardware so that I can actually play Doom 3.

That game is the first game since Silent Hill to make me actually afraid to go around the next corner.

It's awesome.

Playing it in the dark, on my TV, with the sound turned waaaay up, is absolutely terrifying, and by far one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

If only they'd release Linux binaries. Carmack, are you listening? I hate Windows and I'm sick of putting up with weird random shit just so I can play your masterpiece of a game.


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.: hooray errata ::

ugh. Errata suck.

that is all.

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Thu, 12 Aug 2004
.: so long and thanks for all the fish ::

Wow, lots of news since last time I blogged. First off, sorry about the server being down; apparently we had a hardware failure on the machine that my blog and planet KDE are both hosted on, and I was ill-prepared for it; my mail was down for a few hours, as well, which was no good.

Steph got hired as a nanny in New York. She's moving her stuff out this weekend. I'm excited for her - I think she's going to do an awesome job as a nanny, and she's great with kids; but I'm also really going to miss her. Steph is awesome, and the apartment isn't going to be the same without her.

In other news, we went down to Long Island last weekend. I had a blast; it felt so great to be home again, and I got to see a couple of my friends. We went to the beach at Smith Point and I got my ass kicked by the waves. I still have a couple of sand burns on my back to prove it.

caillon, J5, maureen, and halfline came over last night. There was hookah and Gamecube, and much rejoicing. Found a smoke shop in Salem, NH that sells shisha, and I picked up two packs of grape. If it's good, I'll be going back frequently; if it's not, I guess it's back to ordering from the internet. I don't know why, but there's just something satisfying about the whole instant gratification thing.

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Thu, 05 Aug 2004
.: good discussion ::

Sat down with Ed and Zack yesterday and basically did a mind-meld; we had an hour-plus-long braindump session where I let loose all of the ideas, concerns, and issues that I've been thinking about as far as desktop QA goes here at Red Hat.

John Flanagan dropped in towards the end of it, and he seems to be quite open to a lot of our ideas, which is awesome. Hopefully we can get the budget/machines allocated to implement the desktop testing lab that we want to set up; that would be perfect.

Number of times I've forgotten my cardkey at the new office: Two

Number of days since someone has passed out in the bathroom: Nine

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.: planet upgrade ::

Talked to Scott James Remnant today, and asked him about the bug with atom.xml parsing and <br/> elements; he pointed me at his arch tree and told me to update from there, which I've done.

Net effect, a tiny bump and all of a sudden atom.xml feeds are looking dead sexy. Anybody who's currently blogging on blogspot - your feeds should no longer look like crap! There was a small bug for a minute with the old template, where the (feed) links in the sidebar on the right were all pointing back to planetKDE.org instead of pointing to the actual RSS feed from the developer. That's been fixed.

If you notice any other issues, please let me know!

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Wed, 04 Aug 2004
.: potentially offensive pics ::

Do not click on these if you are faint of heart, easily disgusted or offended, or otherwise a dumbass.

That being said, I thought that these were too funny to NOT post.

(Girl in photos is my roommate, Steph. She rocks. Funny-looking chubby topless guy with tattoo is yours truly.)

Steph and I get awfully close with our tongues and Steph is amazed by my wang.

These photos are posted for amusement purposes only. If you don't find them funny, well, I'm sorry. If you find them erotic, please see a counselor or seek other professional help.

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Tue, 03 Aug 2004
.: one of those moments ::

... When you realize how much of a geek you really are.

(sitting here on the sofa, listening to music, sending messages back and forth with my roommate, who happens to be sitting on the same sofa. Three feet away.)


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Sun, 01 Aug 2004
.: new hotness ::

So Maksim (aka SadEagle) did some awesome hacking on my crazy widget style and fixed a few of the bugs that I've been too lazy (or too stupid) to fix myself lately. This has kickstarted me into looking at some more of my code, and I've actually been hacking on things lately.

I also have an evil plan regarding kdelibs... How much would everyone hate me if I split out the sub-libraries within the kdelibs package into smaller individual packages and ported them to use pkg-config instead of the voodoo that is our admin/ build system?

Comments, replies, sexual favors?

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.: rollerblading ::

Went rollerblading for the first time in a couple of years yesterday, and found out a few interesting things.

  • One of the axles in my left boot has cracked.
  • My bearings are all rusted.
  • I need new laces for my boots.
  • I'm woefully out of shape.
  • No, really. I hurt.

Also did some pushups. That was interesting. Made it to 73 without stopping, but my back is punishing me for it today. And my chest, and my arms. Ah, what an awesome feeling... The burn from physical exhaustion is actually a welcome pain.

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