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Fri, 15 Apr 2005
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The other day, I was on Dell's website. They had the 2005FPW for 25% off, and I thought to myself, "Self, that's a damned good deal."

However, I didn't have $561.75 free on any of my accounts, and the deal expired in a few days. Then I saw the "Apply now" link. "Hmm, instant loan. Nah, you already have too much credit."

Wait, though. If you apply for credit and you get rejected, at least in the US, you're automatically entitled to a free credit report. What the hell, why not? I can always use a free copy of my credit report.

About three minutes later, the Dell website comes back with the result. "Congratulations! You qualify for a $1500 line of credit."


Needless to say, now I have a sweet 20" widescreen LCD. It's gorgeous. I liked it so much that I bragged to pretty much everyone that would listen. And I even convinced ajax to buy one, but he went and bought three instead. Crazy bastard.

I'd post pics, but I don't have a digital camera. Mostly because when I buy one, I want it to kick ass, and the ones that I want are still over $1000.

Note: All amounts in USD.

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