Thu, 15 Apr 2004
.: linux lives ::

I love MacOS X. I don't mince words about it; the UI is gorgeous, simple, to-the-point, and I love it. I love Linux as well, but mainly because it's usually a challenge to get working right. After getting particularly bored the other day, and I thought to myself "You know, self, this iMac works entirely too well." Seven hours later, Gentoo is up and (mostly) running.

Major props out to the guys who wrote parted, the guy who wrote the patches to parted to let it resize HFS+ filesystems without destroying data (if I ever meet you, I owe you a beer), and whoever wrote the driver for reading HFS+ volumes under Linux. All of this stuff makes using Linux on a Mac a much more pleasant experience.

Back in OS X land, though, the guys who I'm the most impressed with are the team behind Colloquy which is hands-down, the single coolest Open Source application I've seen on OS X yet. I've seen a few other apps that I consider to have great user interfaces, but Colloquy is the only Open Source one. These guys are seriously awesome.

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.: sync script ::

I'm on IRC the other day and my pal Daniel asks me if I'd be interested in taking care of a sysadmin task for him on the freedesktop.org box (pdx). I wasn't doing anything so I said "Sure, what is it?" and he tells me he needs a script to:

  • Copy over the entire CVS tree from the CVSROOT
  • Check out the latest code from each module in each CVS tree, and package it up
  • Also, pants

I wrote it. It's neat. Hadn't done any shell scripting in a while, but this was relaxing and it gave me a chance to exercise some of my skills, which is always good.

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